Mennesket er ikke annet enn evolusjonen som er blitt seg selv bevisst

Julian Huxley


Bill Gates om Big History:


"Two years ago I met with David Christian after taking his online course - my favorite course of all time. Now we're making it available to any educator who'd like to experience a completely new way of learning, and teaching."




Big History – er den STORE Fortellingen om mennesket i lys av 13,8 milliarder år av astrofysisk, biologisk og kulturell utvikling. Dette er en fortelling om ny innsikt om menneskets evolusjon, hva Darwin ikke en gang kunne drømme om.

“Big History is the attempt to understand, in a unified and interdisciplinary way, the history of the Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity." (International Big History Association, etablert 2010)


Big History på TED



Evolutionaries - forteller hvordan total-evolusjonen holder på å erobre en ny plass i menneskehetens syn på seg selv, sin fortid og framtid.


"Thank God for Evolution": Midt i kreasjonismens USA hvor mer enn 50% av befolkningen mener at Darwin tok feil, finner man en teolog som drar rundt med entusiastiske foredrag om 14 milliarder år av evolusjon



Fra "Evolusjonens retning" ("Evolution's Arrow") av John Stewart:


"A major evolutionary transition is beginning to unfold on Earth. Individuals are emerging who are choosing to dedicate their lives to consciously advancing the evolutionary process. They see that their lives are an important part of the great evolutionary process that has produced the universe and the life within it. They realize that they have a significant role to play in evolution.


Redefining themselves within a wider evolutionary perspective is providing meaning and direction to their lives - they no longer see themselves as isolated, self-concerned individuals who live for a short time, then die irrelevantly in a meaningless universe. They know that if evolution is to continue to fulfill its potential, it now must be driven consciously, and it is their responsibility and destiny to contribute to this."


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